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Greece is the ultimate destination for Yachting Holidays due it’s countless unique characteristics like the extensive coastline of 16.500 km, the 6.000 islands, the unique weather conditions, the amazing culture and history, the Mediterranean Cuisine and many more.

Discover hidden paradises by exploring the Cyclades and the Aegean Sea in elegance and style. 

Take a boat tour and explore the extraordinary beauties of Mykonos and the neighboring islands.

Indulge yourself with the absolute sea, sun and fun experience. By booking one of our vessels, you will cruise into the absolute bliss surrounded by the beauties of the Aegean Sea.

Which charter regions are there in Greece?

The Greek Tourism Board reports a figure of 6,000 Greek islands with 227 of them inhabited. They account for about 17% of the country´s total territory and most of them are situated in the Aegean, the rest of them in the Ionian Sea. The most important archipelagoes are the Ionian, the Sporades, the Cyclades, the Dodecanese and the Aegean Islands. These cruising grounds would constitute a classic yacht week in Greece, for example. For something more special or if you like to go off the beaten track, head to the peninsula Chalkidiki south of Thessaloniki. Here you can sail in complete peace and enjoy the unspoilt, natural beauty of the place.

All those islands have many ports with marinas of all sizes and different services for every taste and budget. The most frequented sailing yacht charter bases are Athens, Kalamaki, Lavrion, Lefkas, Kos and Corfu, for instance.

What are the prevailing wind systems relevant for your bareboat charter in Greece?

The main charter season in Greece runs from May till the end of October. From June to September the ´Meltemi` – a northerly sea breeze – is possibly, not necessarily prevalent mostly in the Central Aegean. The summers are hot and dry with temperatures in July often exceeding 30°. July and August are the hottest months and even at night temperatures will rarely drop below 20°. This is when the Meltemi winds are strongest and can reach gale force at times. The safest areas and most recommendable for family sailing holidays are the Ionian, the Sporades or Chalkidiki, for example.

Brief summary of the sailing weather in Greece with the example of Athens:

  • Average wind speed: 3 – 4 Bft.
  • Main season: May – October
  • Month with highest average temperature: August, 34°
  • Month with lowest average temperature: January, 13°
  • Month with highest average precipitation: December, 98 mm
  • Months with lowest average precipitation: July/August, 6 mm
  • Months with most sunshine hours: July/August, 12 per day
  • Month with least sunshine hours: December, 3 per day